40 Hour Community Interpreter International

This 40-hour Interpreter course satisfies regional customer requirements for training interpreters providing services to state agencies and hospitals. This is a nationally known course taught in many states and is also accepted for medical certification processes for National Accreditation.
For questions or comments about training or if you want more information, please email me directly at maikhou.vang@weavingcultures.com for the fatests response to your questions.
Location:  ONLINE (ZOOM)

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Participants registering for this training must plan to attend all (5) five days to satisfy the entire 40 hours of the training course in total. If you know you will be missing a date, you must call before registering to discuss the missing date and plan to make up the missing hours in a future course session in order to receive a 40 Hour Training Certificate. Training schedule and online schedule is established by trainer.
Please email questions to maikhou.vang@weavingcultures.com


The only way to register for the course is to pay online.
If you choose the $250.00 partial payment option, on the first day we will give you a form to fill out to pay the rest of the payment.

Total cost of the course is $500.00.

Partial Payment of $250 is accepted and will guarantee you a seat in training. However, you must fill out the structured payment form on the first day of training to complete the payment arrangement. Please plan to be there 15 minutes earlier to check in and fill out the payment structure form. Payment for the the full fee must be established and completed before end of training in order to receive your certificate.
The whole training of the 40 hours is online via ZOOM. Please make sure you download ZOOM to have access to the training in advance. You will get all your access information 2-days before the training including all your login information.  The hours are from 9am-5:30pm CST.
The instructor will be online during the whole time. Training dates are:
January 30th, 31st, February 6th, 7th and 13th.
Time: 9am-5:30pm CST

Disclaimer: We are located in MN so our training time is set to CST only. If you live in a different time zone, please email us for your time difference if you need.

Once paid, you are registered. We will send you the Zoom Link to the training by Thursday on the week before the 1st training day and the link to ZOOM by Friday along with any materials you need will be prepared. Training starts on Saturday at 9am sharp. Note: There is no refund if you cannot make it to class or decide to discontinue after registration and or during training. If you want to change the training date, please email the changes, but there will be no refund.

You must attend all days and 8 hours each to receive your 40-hour certificate. If you have to miss a day, please make arrangements with your instructor about how to make to make up your missing day(s). You are allowed to miss up to 4 hours and still receive your certificate.


To Pay and Register for the training: REGISTER HERE