Superior Interpreting and Translating Services

Hmong LadyWeaving Cultures, LLC, is an interpreting and translation agency like no other.   We offer   by means of close partnership with our interpreters and customers to ensure ongoing quality, accountability, clear communication and transparency across. Our goal is to accomplish accuracy in our delivering of service through our interpreter network and our customers. Our model for service is simple. We are in business to serve and provide for both our customers and for those who represent us in the day to day field.
We service over 120 languages in the Minneapolis-St.Paul, Metro Area, in Greater Minnesota, and beyond. We have collective experience and expertise in a wide range of healthcare, social service, legal, and education settings, which we use to offer workshops and seminars with the ultimate aim of improving the respectfulness and effectiveness of care/service delivery to culturally diverse and Limited English Proficient populations.
Our services are available 24/7, from interpreting and translating, over-the-phone, video and website translation to meeting in-demand in person requests with a goal of providing you someone in person two hours or less.

Using trained professional interpreters can:
  • Help reduce liability
  • Help ensure compliance with language access laws
  • Increase client adherence and satisfaction with services
  • Support effective use of time in all encounters
  • Promote health equity and better outcomes
  • Promote dignity and respect in cross-cultural encounters
Weaving Cultures is an interpreting/translating agency founded and operated by professional staff  with years of experience and training in medical, legal, social services, and education sectors. As a result, Weaving Cultures has a thorough understanding of the needs of both English speaking customers and non-English speaking service users. Weaving Cultures emphasizes accountability and professionalism by providing industry specific, up-to-date interpreter training on a continuous basis.
Over 350 languages are spoken in the U.S.
The demand for trained and competent interpreters is more than ever.
Weaving Cultures can help your organization develop a language access plan that meets your needs and complies with state and federal requirements by means of close partnership.